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Starting Small and Growing to Meet Childcare Demand

With a strong commitment to invest in the resources that will ensure success, Collins Aerospace has partnered strategically in Iowa to grow a grassroots early childhood education initiative over time into the Collins Aerospace Day Academy, providing high-quality childcare and early education support to its employees and, when possible, the broader community.

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Across four phases of our nation’s talent pipeline, we explore the stories of employers investing in the workforce of today and tomorrow to close the skills gap.

Sharing the Blueprint for the Future of Girls in STEM

Women make up just a quarter of the STEM workforce in the U.S. and studies and surveys have found that girls are less likely to be encouraged to study science, technology, engineering, and math.

With a goal to achieve more diversity in its labs and work spaces and introduce more girls into the STEM pipeline, Abbott partners with public high schools on an internship program aimed at offering young people experience in the STEM fields. To inspire other companies to follow their lead, Abbott published a detailed blueprint of the program so any company in any industry can recreate the model.

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See How Businesses are Using Tomorrow’s Tech to Grow Today’s Talent

Leveraging emerging technology can be daunting, but these employers are finding a great return on that investment when applying innovative techniques to talent and workforce development practices.

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