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Supporting Employees Through Childcare Services

The Home Depot provides a suite of childcare support services that includes onsite childcare, backup childcare, and dependent care through a partnership with Bright Horizons.

Entry Point to School Readiness

We believe that if we take care of our customers and associates, the rest will take care of itself. Childcare benefits should be seen as an investment in your workforce and bottom line, not a cost.


lost when employees leave for better benefits

The Challenge

For parents, limited childcare options and high costs often force them to leave the workforce prematurely or lead to increased absenteeism and turnover. Industry survey data suggests that employees who leave for better benefits cost their employers upward of 20% of their salary in hiring, training, and productivity losses.

When the leadership team was approached about childcare by a group of interested parents, The Home Depot benefits team believed they must look at the spectrum of care solutions. The inherent appeal of the idea was obvious, but the question was: Could some of the common roadblocks such as finding space, financing, and liability be overcome?

The Solution

Companies that offer an array of childcare support services for their employees see decreased absenteeism and increased productivity and are better able to attract and retain talent. For example, studies have shown that when companies provide child care, employee absences decrease by up to 30% and job turnover declines by as much as 60%. It’s these types of returns that made creating a range of childcare support benefits a no-brainer for The Home Depot.

To meet a range of employee needs, The Home Depot created a suite of childcare support services, including on-site childcare, backup childcare, and dependent care through a partnership with Bright Horizons.

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