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Investing in Early Childhood Education

PNC understands that starting at an early age to develop the workforce of the future is the right thing to do for children and communities. PNC Grow Up Great,® a multiyear, bilingual initiative was created to help children from birth through age five develop a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime – and can help set them on a path to success.

Entry Point to School Readiness

At PNC, we are convinced that early childhood education offers the best return for our philanthropic dollars, with a benefit as high as $16 for every dollar invested.


of a child's brain develops before age 3

The Challenge

Research shows that high quality early childhood education improves children’s cognitive abilities and emotional development, builds a foundation for lifelong learning, makes learning outcomes more equitable, reduces poverty, and improves social mobility from generation to generation. 80% of a child’s brain development occurs before age three.

And yet, these critical experiences are not available to all children, and are particularly lacking for those in underserved communities, where too many enter kindergarten under prepared to succeed.

The Solution

In late 2002, PNC began to think about what would happen if the corporation focused its philanthropy on a singular issue of major importance in the communities it serves. In 2004, after extensive research and employee input, PNC launched PNC Grow Up Great® and PNC Crezca con Éxito, a comprehensive early childhood education effort designed to help young children develop a passion for learning.

To guide the initiative, PNC established an advisory council consisting of some of the nation’s most highly respected early childhood experts, and formed alliances with leading nonprofit organizations.

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