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West Virginia


Learning on the Job

Each year, Novelis recruits talented engineering graduates from around the world to participate in its Engineering Development Program (EDP), a two-year experience that provides participants with a clear career path for future growth and development at the company.

Bridging Classroom to Career

While the program has been successful, Novelis’ talent team has had to adjust its approach to attract the right type of talent to ensure participants can grow and thrive in a manufacturing environment, typically located in smaller, more rural areas.


of employers unable to take on new work

The Challenge

Engineering experience and talent is a fundamental need at Novelis, where engineers are at the forefront of developing and delivering new products to its customers.

With more than half of all Novelis engineers expected to retire within the next decade, coupled with a number of recent corporate expansions, investing in Novelis’ engineering bench strength is imperative to maintaining and growing its leadership position in the aluminum industry. Today, 40% of businesses are unable to take on more work because they can’t fill current job openings.

The Solution

Novelis established its Engineering Development Program (EDP) to create employee career pathways that align to its business needs by coupling robust classroom curriculum with on-the-job experience. The program also partners with local educational institutions to identify and recruit qualified candidates.

Consisting of technical, professional, and leadership training conducted at their 24 manufacturing facilities around the world, EDP includes classroom coursework, coaching, on-the-job projects, and other development opportunities. In just six years, the program has turned out 350 early-career engineer graduates.

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