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STEM Literacy, Creativity Through Robotics Competitions

Texas Instruments volunteers time, expertise, and resources to execute major robotics competitions that engage students in STEM concepts, build the skills required of the 21st century workforce, and help today's students become tomorrow's inventors.

Preparing Students for Success

We’re on a quest of sorts – and we’d like you to consider joining us. It involves education; it involves our economy. It involves the next generation of innovators and their ability to advance technology and continue to move our world forward.

9 million

STEM jobs projected by 2022

The Challenge

Even for students who don’t choose technical careers, STEM skills are survival skills for kids today, and an incomplete understanding of STEM is an incomplete understanding of the world. The problem of an insufficient number of STEM graduates is high-stakes. There are very real connections between America’s ability to train the next generation in STEM and our nation’s competitiveness.

The problem is multi-faceted. The number of U.S. jobs in STEM is growing three times faster than non-STEM jobs, with a projected 9 million STEM jobs needing to be filled by 2022. Meanwhile, with 18% of bachelor’s degrees being conferred in STEM subjects, we are not projected to graduate enough STEM professionals to meet the demand. The bottom line is that the majority of students entering college in the U.S. are not ready for college-level math or science, let alone a career in a STEM-related field.

The Solution

Volunteer mentor-based robotics competitions are a proven solution to engage students in STEM concepts and to build the skills required of the 21st century workforce. Not only do these competitions provide a fun, hands-on environment for students to design and build robots, they encourage teamwork and real-world problem-solving skills needed for future STEM careers.

Texas Instruments is committed to future scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and world-changers. In addition to supplying mentors and technology, Texas Instruments partners with For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST®), VEX® Robotics, and Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST) Robotics to sponsor robotics competitions that help today’s students become tomorrow’s inventors.

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